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Paul Spooner Podcast, Season One

PS Cast, Childrearing

A few short thoughts about… Hah! Nope. Couldn’t do it. A huge jumbled ramble (Nearly fourty minutes worth) about training children. Childrearing [Strangely Baseline Intro, ends at 3:10] Welcome back to the Paul Spooner Podcast! Today I want to talk about … Continue reading

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PS Cast, Ocean Living

Living on the ocean. Why we don’t do it, and why we might want to start. Ocean Living [Same Old Intro] So, for a while I’ve been thinking about how we live on the land, but the ocean is practically … Continue reading

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The PS Cast, Asynchronous Communication

A couple topics, about communication of all things! Asynchronous Communication [Same old musical intro] I find it interesting how some people (and I don’t know if this is just “some people” or “almost all people except for me”) put things … Continue reading

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The PS cast, Learning and Language

This episode is devoted to religion, philosophy, the meaning of life, the purpose of pain, and how you probably shouldn’t be listening to me ramble so much. Learning and Sloppy Language Transcript below: [Marginally Musical Intro] I sometimes feel I’m protected … Continue reading

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The PS cast, Nested Feelings

Wherin I talk about my feelings. Nested Feelings specifically. Transcript below: [Marginally Musical Intro] Do you ever get that feeling of an overhanging mass? Kind of like being underneath something? But it’s not claustrophobia. A combination of claustrophobia and acrophobia I … Continue reading

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