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I’ve finally gotten around to making my own online Bible separated by book (with HTML ID tags for hash links to chapters) as well as the full text in one HTML file. It’s KJV with verse breaks removed (because they seem to detract from the reading experience). The full text is 4MB, so I suggest downloading it to your local device instead of re-loading it every time you want access. I have really enjoyed having the full text to do searches on (mostly just using Ctrl+F in Chrome).

For a while now I’ve been looking for a nice clean digital version of the Bible that I can use for text searches or simple access. A number of websites with text search capability have come and gone, but they were never quite what I was looking for. In addition, they always seem to have way too much focus on “study aids” and way too little actual Biblical text. The search functions have always been a bit stodgy as well.

You can download the raw text here (with verse breaks included). I got this from, which is still running last I checked, so maybe just use them?

And the program I wrote to parse it is handy as well, especially if you want the whole text of the Bible in a structured nested list for analysis.

I suspect there are already a few plain html versions of the Bible out there somewhere, but they are hard enough to find that I figured one more wouldn’t hurt anything. I’m thinking of making an illuminated version (won’t be done any time soon). Not sure if it would be chapter initials like in the old hand-written ones, or something else. If anyone would like to contribute art assets, I’d be glad to put them in!

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  3. Charlette says:

    I appreciate that you like making your own things. I like my own things so that no one can touch them.

  4. Leah says:

    I think the Bible is fun to read, because sometimes they have pictures! Even when there are no pictures, it’s still very interesting.

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