The Conspiracy of the Upright

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Things that blend in seem camouflaged, though the word implies artifice. Considerable effort is taken to make out-of-place things blend in; Military hardware. Communications towers. Facial blemishes. But you only put camouflage on things that don’t belong. No one disguises a tree in a forest. You don’t need to. It’s invisible. It fits.

Goodness is like that.

God made the universe, and anything that follows His ways (which we call Good) fits in with the environment. It’s invisible. The wicked spend energy and time trying to disguise their efforts, hide their plans, and sneak around unseen. But the upright don’t need to. The upright blend naturally. Like a single tree in a forest, there’s no need for disguises. The upright fit right in.

The wicked must compile secrets, but the righteous have no need. Like the blades of grass, no one notices them because their mysteries are readily apparent. And, like blades of grass, the righteous are more productive, complex, and powerful than they first appear.

A righteous person can easily derive the secret handshake. Polite interaction comes naturally to them, it is, after all, simply the Golden Rule writ large. Do you want to be “on the inside” wherever you go? This task is trivial for the upright. Without disguise, they wear the perfect camouflage.

The core of this common conspiracy is this: Truth is difficult to uncover but common to all, while perversions are easily invented and divergent. Thus, those who spend much effort uncovering truth find they are in good company when they arrive, and have collaborators wherever they go. Those who invent perversions must be always corralling and cajoling others into their cults and fads. They will always be advertising and enticing, but also scuttling and lurking. They fear discovery, and long for it as well. The righteous have no such aches.

Evil pretends to be subtle, but true subtlety belongs to Good. Evil must put on disguises of glory. Sunglasses, symbols of gold, and adoring masses. But the true masses need not communicate, organize, or proclaim. The God of Good teaches each one The Way, and how to walk in it. You will find no more subtle clan than that which is dispersed as silently and as surely as the wind blows.

People looking out for each other have the appearance of a conspiracy, for they all have the same goal. People looking for excuses of violence and shame must form conspiracies, and will forever be baffled at the unity of their opposition. Where are the secret coalitions? Where are the rallies and cliques? What is the code, the hidden knowledge, the lost art? How do the upright coordinate so well? It is simple, we serve the One True God, and our way is peace and life. We are the masters of foment, for we have no need to deceive anyone. Each looks out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others. You will find no more widespread, secure, confident, and terrifying foe than the common man under God’s good hand.

Join us! We’ll know you when we meet.

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  1. Leah and Charlette says:

    Why do you have to be equal? Why do good people have to hide? Why do bad people have to trick people into giving them money?
    I like to be camouflaged so that bad people can’t see me.

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