Starship Log: 018

We’ve started decanting and initial preventative maintenance on the landing vessels. Very dense to work on; Mostly just checking brand new systems for corrosion and double lubing everything. Kick can sometimes disturb internals, so flight crew is doing SSF testing. It’s time consuming, but mostly involves sitting around waiting for the test suite to give the ‘all clear’. I wanted to help set up the stimulators, but we don’t have the equipment on board to repair them, and flight crew is tight on procedure. They said the SSF suite costs as much as all the food on board. Crazy.

Speaking of food, had lunch in the hangar today. Those flight crew have it easy. Delivered meals, expensive equipment, unlimited rec access. Of course, they’re pretty much at the mercy of every system and department on board. I think every A-tor has ruined flight crew’s day at one point or another. At the end of the day, I’m glad to be maintenance. (Yeah, that was for you Dirk. Guess which part!)

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