Starship Log: 00A

Turns out food can only be delivered to public areas. I scheduled my lunch tomorrow at peripheral arbor A. Hopefully no one else will be there.

Smooth going during shift. Cleaned and organized my tools a bit and had time left over to schedule some planned shut-down requests for the next A-tor meeting. I’ve requested a deactivation of all thermal dump units in atmosphere scrubbing for the engineering quarters section. If it goes through those scribblers will bake in their own beds for a week while I update the routine maintenance records. Serves them right.

On the up side it turns out that “improved” 0-Gee wrench is just the right size to crimp a temporary coolant junction. I should get a promotion for being so clever. Got it in my field kit right now.

We’ll be doing a push tonight. Hopefully I can sleep through it.

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