What if you wanted to know the actual physical response of a system of pods on the ocean, but didn’t want to spend millions of dollars on building a full scale model and hunting down deep sea storms? You could build a scale model and rent a wave tank….

Or, if you are very privileged, you could have your roommate write a complete physics engine and cycloid wave motion simulation model to do all the calculations for you! Impossible you say? BEHOLD! The user manual isn’t done yet, but if you are clever you might be graced with the sight of beautiful partial cycloids marching serenely across your screen as simulated thirty foot diameter pods are thrown about by gale force waves. Everything is modifiable, right down to the source code…

Edit: I’ve fixed a few bugs, but haven’t uploaded the new version yet. If you’re interested I’ll put it up, but this doesn’t get very many hits.

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