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IP is Inverse Marxism

Been listening to Jordan Peterson a lot recently. Specifically thinking about the specter of Marxism that he’s afraid will re-assail the world. Here are my thoughts: http://blog.hawkbats.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Socialism.ogg There is much in Socialism that is wicked and perverse, and for the … Continue reading

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The Seven Superpowers

It is my conclusion that these powers are not only real, but achievable for every person if we will lay aside sin and earnestly practice sanctity. Continue reading

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The density of Plutonium

I noticed that the density numbers were missing from the Plutonium isotope pages on Wikipedia. If we take the Pu244 density of 19.816 g/cm3 from the wikipedia page as veracious, the other isotope densities are easy to derive. Since the chemical … Continue reading

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Principles of Animation

There are a classic set of “Twelve Principles of Animation” which some Disney guys came up with based on their experiences, and by all accounts they have held up fairly well. What I’d like to do here is explore the … Continue reading

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How to Change My Mind

Our mind is one of our most valuable posessions (right up there with our heart, our soul, and our body). As such, it is also kept the most private and secret. Communication is the process of exchanging mind-stuff. People usually … Continue reading

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Swarm Technology

So, I’ve been thinking about laser trackers and large envelope precision manufacturing recently. Mostly because I’ve been working in an aircraft factory for the past five months. Here are a few of my conclusions. Swarm Technology (1.3MB pdf file) I’m convinced the concept … Continue reading

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“Intellectual Property” is Wicked Nonsense

To people everywhere, and those especially who ponder excellence: Ideas can’t be stolen, they can only be made real. Herein I seek to demonstrate the idea of “intellectual property” is childish, false, and wicked. I may also delve a bit … Continue reading

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PS Cast: Music Videos, Audio, Visual, Tools, and Associated Rambling

Well, here’s another doozy of an episode. Wide-ranging and soporific. Enjoy listening to: Sights Sounds and Tools Transcript below: [Musical Intro] Hey there gentlemen, ladies, and children of all kinds? Ages? How does it go? I don’t know how it goes.

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Improved PB&J

The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwitch is a classic of USA fare. Also, like many things USA, it is sloppy, short lived, over-sweet, and viewed by many as more than a little juvenile. Setting aside these problems, what can be … Continue reading

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KSP: AnyProbe Mk IIIB

We’ve recently been introduced to the Kerbal Space Program. Turns out rocket science is right up our alley! We built and launched home made model rockets together as kids, and now we’re building and launching model rockets as adults. In … Continue reading

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