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A Song about Engineers

ShooTheEngineers Based on some good advice that I got in college from one of the professors. Lyrics below the fold: Enjoy!

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PS Cast: Work Ethic

Today I talk about Japan’s Work Ethic compared to the one in the US. [Terrible Musical Intro] Welcome to a rainy day Paul Spooner Podcast. So I was thinking about the way that people have… [musical intro continues] Hmm, I may have … Continue reading

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The PS cast, Nested Feelings

Wherin I talk about my feelings. Nested Feelings specifically. Transcript below: [Marginally Musical Intro] Do you ever get that feeling of an overhanging mass? Kind of like being underneath something? But it’s not claustrophobia. A combination of claustrophobia and acrophobia I … Continue reading

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Manic Laughter

http://peripheralarbor.com/AudioFiles/WereGoodLaugh.MP3 peripheralarbor.com/AudioFiles/LetItBeginLaugh.ogg So, what’s the deal with maniac laughter? My theory is that the body is exhausted before the intellect. This is in contrast to “normal” laughter, where the mind bores of the idea before the body runs out of … Continue reading

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The Law: Bastiat

“The Law” by Frederic Bastiat Full text (translated to English) can be found under the link above. My own audio recording of the same. It’s free! I have read this book several times now, and it always produces a fury … Continue reading

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Thinking for Fun and Profit

Some like to sweat. Some run for fun. They like to run in the hot hot sun. I do not like to work this way. If I must run, I’ll run away. Instead I like to learn and think. I … Continue reading

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The Void (In a Box)

I was in the clean room doing some tests. Everyone is in white gowns. The place feels like a science lab. My ears hum with the ubiquitous noise of the air handlers. The place tastes like plastic, and smells the … Continue reading

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Carbon: High Temperature Density Physical Phase Diagram

I’ve been playing around with phase diagrams, trying to figure out how exactly they work, what processes give rise to their properties, and what the boundaries look like. During this process I met with several frustrations, specifically the general lack of phase … Continue reading

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Stories and programming

Over at shamusyoung.com, someone left a comment that it would be cool to write a program in the form of a story. This is both easier and more difficult than it sounds.

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What are the reasonable bounds of empathy? Should we feel sorrow when we take apart a broken machine? What about killing a slug, or a butterfly? How do you feel about separating a mother from her children? What if it … Continue reading

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