Today is an Excellent Day

Woke up this morning, soft morning light filled the room.

Ate a quick filling breakfast, pet a tiny cute animal while looking out the window as the sun came out from behind the clouds.

Watching different sized rain droplets out of the garage as they fell at distinct angles in the wind.

Got on my motorcycle, drove in the sun as the rain fell.

Rainbow and freeway and wind and powerful engine.

Got to work where I’m learning about how to command giant industrial robots.

Sold my motorcycle to a good owner for a good price.

Cleaned my desk, inside and out.

Talked to a guy about Japan for a while, where I soon will go.

Had dinner with my second cousin.

Came home and talked to my wife over the internet.

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One Response to Today is an Excellent Day

  1. Leah and Charlette says:

    We appreciate how short this one is.
    We once went down to get dinner at church, and we made a new friend. It was an excellent day.

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