Christmas Letter, 2012

To friends and family, enemies and strangers, all alike, one and all together,

From the Spooner family of Paul and Anna, together with our children Leahana, Charlette, and the One who has no name.

We welcome you to this, our Christmas letter.

We write to you, content both in new labor at Electroimpact and old rest at our new home (We have recently moved in, and have found it altogether too large for our needs. Perhaps we shall procure some renters!), on this day the thirteenth of December, (nearing the closing of the year twenty twelve) with joy that all is going well both here, having riches material, social, and spiritual, and, to the best of our knowledge, in all places according to the will of God the Almighty through His Son, Christ Jesus, after whose title this holiday is called and who shall be forever praised amen! This past year, though for some of you it has been longer still since last we shared fellowship, has brought many changes to our household, relocating it to Everett in view of Paul’s employment (though paupering us of our bulk of friends and relatives), reforming it with new friends and acquaintances, enriching it through the amicable aid of relatives once far off and now brought near (in no way least the Smith family, our thanks goes out to you for your kind hospitality), enlarging it both in holdings (as now we are landed (and adjusting to the duties and well as the new freedoms)) and most recently in members as God has looked upon us favorably and even now forms a new member of humanity within her members drawing us even more closely into that most joyous of events, the incarnation of God the Most High, made small and knit just as our newest one is, and come at a time both expected (for we expect our little one on the cusp of July) and unexpected (for who can tell the turning of ages and of age?) to bring joy not only to us, but to all mankind, in whom we hope (we speak of Jesus) and the advent we hail as the best of births, and so may we all amen. In time, for some soon and for others perhaps after an extended period though this should in not be seen as reflective on your favor with us or our most earnest desire, we hope to visit you in person and give you both greetings general and specific and share with you encouraging talk that renews sound mind, bodily vigor, and piety most pleasant (though we trust you are in no need of any of these, having put hope in God the Provider to supply anything wanting both in body and soul, and ceased from harmful labor to rest in His provision) as fits your various stations and purposes, to the end that our coming to you shall be both looked for and celebrated in image of that ultimate coming whose first and fierce fore-echo still rings in the holiday so swiftly come upon us, namely the coming again of The Just One to our small domain to establish a righteous reign for ever and ever amen!

May He come as swiftly and with clamor, as slow and soft at first He came!

Cling fiercely to hope, for the sky grows darker yet, and the sea rises higher!

We bless you all in the Holy Name, in faith that Jesus the Christ will be both your stay and sword!

Amen, and amen!

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2 Responses to Christmas Letter, 2012

  1. Jonathan says:

    I read this and smiled, your faaantastic Ziggy, all the best to you and yours in this new year. (It’s one quarter over but worth saying anyway 🙂

  2. Leah and Charlette says:

    I like God. I like verses. That wasn’t verses, but I like prayers too.

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