Starship Log: 016

Back to work today. Made the rounds on preventative maintenance that was neglected during the cleanup. A-tor meeting today to go over the initial observations of the system. Soon we’ll know if the mission is going ahead. Very exciting! The data coming back seems promising. Hydrogen atmosphere, standard trace gasses, same as the probes picked up, but everything is check and double-check around here. I’d be surprised if we turned around now, but there’s always that possibility.

I was in a sociable mood today, so I talked to Cathy again during lunch. Somehow I let slip that I had tried to eat in one of the arbors. Now she wants to come too. Couldn’t really get out of it nicely so we set up for delivery in peripheral arbor A tomorrow. I invited Don later as well, maybe he can tell us a bit more about the life support ecosystem.

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