Adoption: postlude

Almost exactly four years ago I posted some updates about the adoption of my brother and sister, Amos and Linda. They had just arrived in the US, and could barely speak english. They were shy, exuberant, jet lagged, and a bit frightened.

Today they are in school, learning martial arts, dancing, playing music, and laughing like crazy (seriously, like crazy people). It’s been a short four years, and I’m glad to say they are a part of the family in more than just legal status. I speak of Amos and Linda as “they” because it is difficult to separate them. They usually spend their days around each other, go to school together, play the same games, and tell the other what to do constantly. This last is usually because they have rather different views of life.

Amos wants to be the best, the biggest, in a word Manly. One day he asked Mom “Which dog is the fastest dog?” I think he was told the greyhound. In any case he then murmured, with a far off look in his young eyes,  ”I want to be the fastest dog.” He is very thoughtful as well, always looking forward to the next step, the next event, the next day. He will go get you a drink if he sees that you are out, and offer you any information that he knows (or can imagine) will be helpful to you at the moment. He is also absurdly strong, and at six years old already had discernible pecs.

Linda on the other hand wants to be pretty and admired, to be charming, in a word Womanly. She is forever putting on glittery lip-balm, fancy shoes, and will bend your ear for as long as you like. She is interested in what you have to say as well, and always asks good questions. She knows what she likes, but she doesn’t mind if you like something different. She is demure at times, and boisterous at others, and already she is quite pretty.

Of course, siblings can be annoying and I alternately mourn and bless that I don’t see them very often. Though we live very close by I’m not over at my parent’s more than a few times a month. It seems they are inches taller each time. Soon Amos will probably be seven feet tall with Linda not far behind. The Spooners are, genetically, rather short. It will be nice to have some siblings who can reach the top shelf… finally!

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