Starship Log: 009

Recieved an intra-ship delivery (why are they even labeled “intra-ship”? We’re on our way to kick-point on an out of system mission! Are there delivery ships chasing us down with the toothbrushes that the quartermaster forgot?) today from engineering. Seems they’ve wasted some precious time on the fabbers making a prototype “improved 0-Gee wrench”. This one is even worse than before! For one thing it’s impossible to hold on to. It’s also half off of standard grip diameters, so it won’t grip anything. They’ve included a lengthy and imbecilic set of instructions. Stuff like “grip with teeth and hold on to something” as if that would work. Maybe it’s a joke; Some kind of stupid engineer joke; Which isn’t funny.

As expected, we had to fiddle with the power distribution nodes after those impromptu changes. With any luck we’ll ONLY have to fiddle with them the rest of the mission. Without luck, we might all die in our sleep. Stupid engineers.

Lunch with Cathy again. She was annoying as usual, I’m surprised they let so many un-interesting and self-absorbed people onboard. Don’t they do Psych screening? I should probably file a report with Psych-Med, just in case.

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