Starship Log: 007

Got curious when I went to do the drive node tuning. Used my crew ID instead of maintenance for access. The lock said “I don’t know what you’re doing here, and neither do you.” Got me wondering about lock contingencies again, so I went roaming postshift. Unauthorized quarters have pretty normal responses. “These are not your quarters.” Medical lets anyone in, so I talked to the staffers. Cathy wasn’t on shift (Couldn’t remember her name and asked for Carol… embarrassing). All their equipment was working fine, and they have their own maintenance crew anyhow.

Wandered up into life support. Most had standard refusals, but one said “You’re not wearing a p-suit. You don’t want access.” Would be funny if it wasn’t sobering. Auxiliary air scrubbers are organic, and aren’t locked. Looks like an a-tor decided the place should double as a lounge. Kind of nice, even with the sludge tubes on the walls. No one there though, feels more like a processing plant than a party place. Found the arbors too, but got called back for mess. Only got a peek but looked cool. Will have to check back later.

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