The coming Crazy Weekend

Hey all! I’ve been having a productive time up here in Seattle. Getting lots done on Project London, though not much else… Working a solid eight hours every day doing 3d graphics, it’s been pretty intense.
This weekend is the 48 hour film festival, I’m on call for post-production and 3d special effects. Should be sweet, and it certainly will be short. Starts this Friday, though I probably won’t be doing anything important until late Saturday some time. Hopefully we’ll get a great little movie out of it!
The weather has been lovely, though not as much rain as I had hoped. Ian says it’s all getting saved up for Halloween.
That’s what’s going on! I’ve posted a few photos from the trip on my website.

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2 Responses to The coming Crazy Weekend

  1. jester says:

    Hey good to here Iggy is still up to his creative projects. What film festival are you entering?

  2. jester says:

    *Ziggy*, sorry missed a letter there

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