Gauntlets and the Scottish General

Okay, I’m allowed to plug my own stuff on my blog right? Check out the finished gauntlets! Details and notes are on the captions of the pictures. First off I have to say that there was a bit of prayer which went into these gauntlets. I must thank God, the Father of Jesus the Christ for the skill He leant me. I also have to thank the Armour Archive for the pattern and many of the techniques. They are slightly modified, but in essence the same as seen there. These gauntlets were recently featured in a production of Macbeth.

For the past five months I’ve been going to drama practice every Monday afternoon, preparing for the part of Macbeth in Macbeth (Hello, Macbeths, can I interest you in the super-sized Macdeath?). It’s a shortened version for children’s production. Somehow, that doesn’t seem to make his speeches any shorter. It also somehow doesn’t remove “come to my woman’s breasts and take my milk for gall” or even “I would while it was smiling in my face…” etc. I guess children just want to have fewer scenes, but with all the vivid Shakespearian dialog.

Of course with lots of young home-schooled children in the cast there were some trials which had to be overcome. I think Luke and I were the oldest by a few years. My leading lady was a mere 14 (making her “come you spirits” speech all the more creepifying). There was one actress who consistently delayed (and, in the two dress rehearsals, forgoed (can you say forgoed? Is it, forgoned? Perhaps Forgayed?)) her entrance while I was the only one on stage. This forced me to improvise, in one case reciting snippets of Hamlet’s “Tis now the very witching time of night…” speech, and generally making a fool of myself. Granted, she was only entering so I could throw a few saucy lines at her and then sucker punch her to death with my steel clad fists. Is some grace to be granted here? I submit that it is.

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed doing drama. There’s the satisfaction of memorizing beautiful poetry and then using it at odd moments around the house. “Avaunt, and quit my sight!” is quite useful, as well as “I have no spur to prick the sides of my intent.” There’s the romance (which I otherwise restrict rigidly) and the rage (likewise so). Actually, it’s just a great excuse to run the gamut of all kinds of emotions. I try to be stoic most of the time, drama allows me a venue to do the opposite.
I had also forgotten how much I disliked doing drama. Most of this revolves around me not liking drama people. argh!. On the whole though, it was a good experience, and I’d like to do it again some time.

Anyhow, the production is finally finished and I’m able to finish some tasks I’ve been putting off.
Like eating that ice cream (still mostly frozen, still two buckets to go).
Also like posting pictures of the finished gauntlets!

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2 Responses to Gauntlets and the Scottish General

  1. Anna says:

    Sounds like fun!!

    How are things for you parents with the new kids?

    I don\’t know if you knew that the Hellmuths adopted 2 Columbian kids, but Connie Hellmuth is posting almost every day at about the journey. Your parents might appreciate the connection 🙂

    God Bless!

  2. Leah and Charlette says:

    We think it’s about goblets. Gomleps? Go up and look. And armor.

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