31 + flavors

This evening was the second night in over a month that I have actually spent at the Bozarth’s house. The Bozarth’s (for the unwitting) are renting me a room, where in I sleep and make piles out of my mortal possessions. Anyhow, they informed me that the local “Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors” Ice cream shop was having a 31 cent ice cream scoop night. I of course went along!

On our first attempt the driver was disheartened by the amusement-park style line stretching down the sidewalk, but the second attempt was successful. Now, what would you have done in my place? Standing in line, I resolved my will. Clearly the only reasonable course is to take full advantage of this discount delicious ice cream opportunity! Clearly I must not choose one flavor! I must chose them all!

So I did…

There are actually 44 flavors.

I’ll let you know if any of them are less than delectable… but I doubt it.

Edit, 5/09/07:
When the flagrantly differing flavors meet and partially melt together because you spent to long in the car… That, my friends, is not delectable…

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  1. Bayth says:

    What did you do, freeze them all? (In which case, you are not only renting a room, you are renting freezer space!)

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