Mom and Dad in africa

Mom and Dad left for Africa this past Tuesday. We (my parents) have been in the process of adopting two four year old children (Amos and Lynda, not related to each other) from Uganda for the past nine months or so. We got stalled on paperwork for a while, and the beurocracy takes a while to push things through. Then, once all the papers were in order the judges in Uganda went on strike. Anyhow, after quite an ordeal the plans were finally laid. Suzie and Abby are in Tucson with our aunt, uncle, their kids, and our grandparents while Mom and Dad are away. The three boys (Ben’s still in school) have the house to ourselves for two weeks, one of which happens to coincide with Kevin and Luke’s spring break.

I just recieved an e-mail from Mom and Dad, as follows:

We met the kids yesterday and they are gourgess. We have adusted to the
10 hour time change and are doing well. our court date is 4/2 and we
hope to return home with Amos and linda on the 9th

Ron and Monica

So now you know everything that I know. The bad spelling indicates that Dad probably was the one who typed it up. I’m not much better, so let me say by way of exoneration that he probably didn’t have a spelling checker. Please keep them in your prayers, health, safety, getting along well with the kids, etc.

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2 Responses to Mom and Dad in africa

  1. Toad says:

    Any word on how their hearing went?

  2. Ziggy says:

    The latest news is that they have to stay in Africa until the 10th at least. The judge lived up to his ornary ways, so the hearing didn’t go as well as possible. The next flight they could book is on the 19th, so they will be there for another two weeks.

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