Dungeon Crawl

Over the past four days I have obsessively played Dungeon Crawl, culminating in my conquest of the game (just this afternoon) by escaping from the dungeon with the Orb of Zot. I’m not normally this obsessive, I think… am I?
Ahh, who cares! It was great! Level 27 elf crusader, avatar of The Shining One, weilder of the great +4 triple sword of Spores and the +4 holy great sword. If you want to see all the stats, the game helpfully output this text file. Note the “play time” and “number of turns”! that is not a small number! That is a very large number!
Nothing can stand before a good sword and a good save game. The save game is the critical thing though… man, those ice dragons, tough cookies….

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  1. Dan says:

    Looks like one of those insanely addictive and nostalgic games.

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