In Electrical Power Systems yesterday, Dr. Graff said something that came to be of interest to me. In a devotion about faith, he off-hand mentioned Governmental control of information to the public, and wound up leading himself to mentioning the “display cities” in the USSR, and finally to observing that America itself was showing many signs of descending into a Communist state. What got me, though, was that he added, “…scary, isn’t it?” to the end of the sentence.

My first thought after he said that was a slightly mocking, “No, it’s not scary. It’s normal.” Then I thought a bit more, and after wondering if it was a bad thing that I was so unperturbed at the mention of America’s downfall, I realized that it is scary to Dr. Graff (who may be as old as the hills themselves) and so many others because they might actually remember a time when America resembled Communism a great deal less than it currently does.

The issue that Dr. Graff highlighted about Communist states (and by implication, America), was information control–not letting the outside know what a wreck the inside is (ala display cities in the USSR), and hiding the real workings of the upper echelons from the “little people,” things of that nature. I would suggest that America probably already delves significantly into the latter sin, but I won’t go getting into too many conspiracy theories. I just found it interesting that I was reminded again of America’s decline–no, willing descent–into its own annihilation.

Isn’t it interesting how Satan can take good things, good people, and good ideas, and by exploiting the greed of a few bad apples, turn it into the exact opposite of its intended form?

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3 Responses to Entropy

  1. Ziggy says:

    Perhaps God will save the United States after all we have done. I certainly hope so, we should pray for this nation to that end.
    On the other hand, Dr. Graff and so many like him are right. The United States isn’t what it used to be, and we are asking to be overthrown.

  2. Toad says:

    Call me a pessimist, but I’m not so convinced that the United States can be saved by much less than a revolution or a total collapse. I don’t really see any outside force being able to topple to United States at this point, but I can see it falling apart into anarchy all on its own, and dragging most of its empire with it.

    In my view, something like that would be saving the United States. I doubt very much that internal reform is something to be hoped for.

  3. Leah and Charlette says:

    There are a lot of missions and laboratories and stuff. But you don’t have to agree with everyone. You can think different things if you want to.

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