The Great Dragon

A preview of things to come! James Pray did the concept art, I just finished modeling/texturing it this morning. Comments, constructive or otherwise, are appreciated.

Edit: Looking back, the result is a rather embarrassingly poor short product. It was in fact the last work I completed before migrating completely away from Carrara to Blender. I may upload it to Youtube at some point… perhaps.

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One Response to The Great Dragon

  1. Toad says:

    Great stuff, as always! My suggestions:

    The lower jaw is too much of a parabola, to me. I think it should be squarer, without the big faceted corners, that’d make it look more “real.”

    The neck (or body, if it’s a snake) is just too small for the head. Picture a garden snake with a python head, that’s what I’m seeing when I look at this guy. Bulk up the neck to be just a hair smaller “around” than the head, and I think it’d look more natural.

    The upper jaw and the top of his head look great! Keep up the great work.

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