I believe Toad’s mention of the topic of fogriveness bears special notice.

Two principles are evident in the working of the forgiveness of sins. The first is the acknowledgement of our guiltiness, the second being the graciousness of God. That God should forgive us only if we admit to each sin is absurd enough to be laughable. Man has not the breadth of mind to compass his own trespasses. The grace of God covers all sins, and “love covers a multitude of sins”. What then is the purpose of having a law at all, if it is to be discarded when failure is acknowledged?

The answer, of course, is that it is not. Jesus came to fulfill the law, and thus if we live in Him we must also fulfill the law, anything less is blasphemy of the Name by which we are called. To be a christian is to accept defeat, not only at the hands of God, but at our own hands, for we can not live the way we ought. This is why confession of sin is so vital, literally necessary for life. We confess to God that we have erred and fallen short because. “The law of the Spirit of Life has set us free from the law of sin and death.” and thus any shortcomings are not the fault of our parents, or The Curse, or of God or Satan, but of our own free will. God does not want us to confess so that he is free to forgive us, as if God is bound! God commands confession (as all of his commands) so that we may be perfected. Confession acknowledges the standard of perfection, and how we have rebelled against it.

Thus, forgiveness is free. But Christians are slaves, not to sin, but to God.

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  1. Leah and Charlette says:

    We have nothing to say about this. It is about God forgiving your sins.

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