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I want to write about personalities. Keep in mind that what follows is purely speculation, comments and development are eagerly sought. One major personality disctinction is the in/extrovert duality. I have heard it said that introverts are energized when alone, and find being around people drains them. Extroverts undergo the oposite process, being energized when in a social setting, and becoming weary when alone. My purpose is to ask, why?
Why are personalities, the ability to think and work, affected so much by the presence of others? This could be linked to some people needing to talk to think about their ideas, except for those people who are extroverts (energized by social settings) and yet hardly talk at all. The english words are constructed from the latin “to turn inward” or “to turn outward” and are used in medicine to describe very literal physical behaviour. Is it because the spirit of the introvert turns inward, and the presence of others forces him out of his natural state? Does the spirit of the extrovert feed on the presence of others, and without that presence become hungry? I do not know the answers. However, it does seem strange that this behaviour does not seem strange to us. It is so universally common that we accept it without questioning what causes it.
A few speculations. Introverts tend to embrace philosophy (theough self examination) or narsissism (self love). Extroverts tent toward building others up, or tearing others down (encoragers or cynics if you will). Neither personality seems more or less pre-disposed toward good, as either can be equally sanctified or corrupted.

Being a self-proclaimed introvert I can’t claim much knowlege of others personalities and relationships, so I submit these thoughts to you who are disposed to ponder them.

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2 Responses to personalities

  1. Jenny says:

    As you say, I accept those labels without much questioning. But I don’t really think I fit into either one. This summer I was perfectly happy to be alone. I loved it for the restful peace, the time to ponder. However, I also fall apart when I go without people. Everyone gets lonely at times, needs someone to connect with. What’s the reason people feel lonely? Maybe extroverts have the same feeling but just more. The question seems like it should have a simple answer but I can’t get at it.

  2. Toad says:

    It is entirely possible that what drives extroversion is an aversion to lonliness. I’ve usually heard it described as the person metaphorically “feeding” off of interaction with others. EVERYONE needs other people, even the most introverted, and even those that lie to themselves and the world and say they don’t. Extroverted people, obviously, need other people more than introverted people (or at least, people in more quantity), but it seems that the better question is, is that a cause, or a symptom?

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