Family Pride

I’m proud of my dad. His life isn’t too great these days… my mom has left him for another man, and is pursuing a divorce, his finances are a little tight, and he’s having to raise my twin younger sisters from 15 to adulthood on his own. I’m proud of him, though, because of the composure he’s been keeping all through this, and because of the attitude towards God he’s kept throughout these past few months.

I never used to talk to my dad that much. My mom was easier for me to get a hold of, and she could answer my questions just fine, so I didn’t talk to my dad a whole lot. Since March, however, I’ve been talking to him a lot more, and I’ve been very glad of what I’ve heard. My dad is decidedly not without his weak moments, but even in them, he usually knows best how to gget himself through them: God’s grace. My dad hasn’t expressed anger at God at all since my mom left… to the contrary, he appears to have been relying on God all the more since then, and I can tell that God is with him.

I had the honor of helping my dad to work through things this past Saturday. We had dinner and a drive together, and it was great to see him go from clearly upset and hurting to clearly an awful lot better than he was. Any of you who are Christians, feel free to pray for both of my parents, and remember to sometimes stop and look at your own parents as people, and not just figures of authority.

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