In the Beginning…

Originally posted 2/7/2004

So, yeah. I’ve decided that I will start a blog, and a relatively real one. However, you have better things to do than read about my boring life, and I have better things to do than write my complaints on a website, so I will politely spare us all. Every now and then, I have an interesting thought that I think is actually worth repeating: a cool concept, a point of wisdom that I’ve been pontificating, or an inspiration, something like that. Not that I think you will necessarily benefit from any of it, I mostly just hate the way I come up with a profound idea of some kind and promptly lose it entirely. So, without further ado, here is my blog. If any of you have any suggestions how I should reorder things, I’m open to suggestions, because I have the artistic sense of a small dog with rabies. For now, e-mail me, because I don’t have one of them shnifty commenter deals. I’ll post particularly interesting comments in my next installment, or even make a post about them, if I feel like it.

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