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The Law: Bastiat

“The Law” by Frederic Bastiat Full text (translated to English) can be found under the link above. My own audio recording of the same. It’s free! I have read this book several times now, and it always produces a fury … Continue reading

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Bastiat Describes a Nation

Keep in mind, this passage was written 150 years ago. The ever relevant Frederic Bastiat: It is quite common, however, to attribute to capital a kind of deadly efficiency that would implant selfishness, hardness, and Machiavellian duplicity in the hearts … Continue reading

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Bastiat’s Ideal First Speech of Office

I’ve been reading through the writings of Fredric Bastiat. There are so many great statements in there, and whenever I find one I want to tell everyone. My resistance to quoting him has been waning, and it finally snapped today. … Continue reading

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Arguments for Tyranny

I’ve already made several forays into the realm of the nature of proper governance. Here’s the most extensive of them: Which was itself heavily informed by the writings of one Frederic Bastiat, some of which passages I have commented … Continue reading

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Inspirational Passage

Frederic Bastiat quote from Economic Harmonies: “And what element of progress is there in the world whose beneficial action has not been marred, particularly at the beginning, by much suffering and hardship? Our great urban masses of human beings stimulate … Continue reading

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Liberty and the Constitution of the United States

Introduction I’ve been reading a lot of Frédéric Bastiat recently. He makes a very strong argument for freedom, government focus on criminal justice, and non-involvement in everything else. I want to believe him, and have been doing some thought exercises to test … Continue reading

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