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A decade or two ago my brothers and I optimistically set out to make a webcomic. We didn’t have an artist, so the creation was primarily that of worldbuilding. You can read our notes here:

In the years since, I’ve been meditating with growing amazement on the setting that we developed, as it seems to have significant psychological depth. Perhaps that’s all projected, but I’ve attempted to embed that meaning, especially from the origin story, in this image.

Twinworld Logo

You can download the blender file here.

Once I was satisfied with the design, I woodburned it on to a few pieces of cardboard, and then a log that my son asked to be decorated.

Twinworld Logo Laser Engraving

I’ve presented it with the “normal” side up, that is, the Fay world orientation, but it’s reversible, as seen with the cards shown at the base.

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