Bring Singapore to Camarillo

I’ve wanted to live in Singapore for a long time. The style and attitude of the government really appeals to me. I even visited, and was quite pleased with the experience.

But my parents, wife, kids, friends, and church are all in Camarillo. We’re used to the weather here and I don’t feel like we’re going to be able to move any time soon.

So how about we bring Singapore to Camarillo?

The coastline between Point Mugu and Port Hueneme is basically controlled by NBVC, so it would take a federal-level effort to develop it. Plus there’s a lovely stretch of un-developed land two miles wide leading all the way up to the Camarillo airport. The area would be sitting directly adjacent to an airport, a railway, a major highway, and a deep-sea port. The federal government could lease the whole area to Singapore as a special economic district.


This plan has numerous advantages for all parties.

For the USA

  • PR boost for international cooperation.
  • Pilot for press control (Singapore has fairly strict speech laws) in the USA, without  repealing the 1st amendment.
  • Pilot for gun control (Singapore has very strict gun control laws) in the USA, without repealing the 2nd amendment.

For Singapore

  • Badly needed real-estate, with really nice weather.
  • Easier access to NA markets, and a base of operations for global shipping.
  • Convenient for wealthy SoCal residents to emigrate for tax purposes.
  • Pilot for spread of the Singapore civil ideology.

For local SoCal residents

  • Foreign money would flow into the area.
  • Increased demand for construction, materials, food, etc.
  • Freedom from the California coastal commission.
  • We could move to singapore by moving a few blocks over.
  • Pilot for the poor living in public spaces.

That last point could use some expansion. Currently, Camarillo ships homeless people to Santa Barbara where they sleep (illegally) in the park. This places them in a legally compromised position, which violates their human dignity. In Singapore, you can live in a park legally with an inexpensive camping permit, so having this example close by would give the local poor an alternative to living outside the law.

Everybody wins!


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