Planet by Oskar, Now with Saves and Keyboard Shortcuts

Oskar Stålberg wrote this lovely little piece of software which he titled his “Polygonal Planet Project”.

Unfortunately, it had no keyboard shortcuts or save/load functionality… so Dru hacked it in! It’s currently a single-file “quicksave” sort of functionality, but it seems to work in the cases we’ve tested. It makes the game much more enjoyable, we think! Currently saves are hard-coded to /path/to/Planet/planetsave.cfg.

F5: Save to File
F9: Load from File

While he was at it, Dru also added some other keyboard shortcuts:

T: Small Brush
Y: Medium Brush
U: Large Brush
F: Jungle
G: Ice
H: Walls
J: Land

You can download the recompiled executable, or if you’d like to see how we did it you can download the source code.  To use the source code you will need the decompiled source of the original, and to add this code to the end of PlanetMaster.Awake():

if (!ToadHacks.ToadHacks.Awakened)
	GameObject toadHacksGO = new GameObject();
	// This never runs.  Yay! 
	Debug.LogWarning("PlanetMaster woke up again; skipping ToadHacks injection.");

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One Response to Planet by Oskar, Now with Saves and Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Ziggy says:

    Yay! This is such an amazingly fun little toy. It sparks the imagination, with just enough detail to inform without so much that it breaks speculation. Play with it a bit, and you can feel the whole world floating there.
    Thanks for putting the save features and shortcuts in Dru! Makes it a lot more usable!

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