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You might well point out that this whole podcast thing is really just one big experiment, but this episode is even more-so. I’m not going to transcribe it. I was trying to record audio by using my headphones as a microphone. It didn’t work super great, but it creates pretty good binaural stereo, so there’s that. Listen if you want to, I think I had some interesting things to say somewhere in there.

Okay, I lied, I’m totally transcribing this. Mostly for completeness sake. Note that the audio has been significantly processed to remove noise and boost the treble, as the base response was overwhelming in the recording. Probably having to do with the padded parts sealing against the sides of my head.

[Transcript below]

Good morning! I’m going to try an experiment with this headset I’ve got. I’ve got a nice set of headphones and I’m going to put them on my head and then talk…and see how it sounds, how the recording sounds. I’m using them as a microphone, by the way, instead of as a headset. Input instead of output!

This allows me to drive with both my hands… and hopefully it’ll allow me to get a better recording? I don’t know. I’m not sure how its going to sound. It’ll be interesting. My guess is that it’ll deaden the high tones (Editor’s note: This is precisely what it did. Good guess me from the past!), but it’s got pretty good high-tone response, so it seems like it should work fine as a microphone. But I don’t know. We’ll find out! I might need to set it to high sensitivity.

[People saying “Thank you very much” to each-other in Japanese]

The guard at the toll booth just had the foresight to prepare, in advance, a ticket for my arrival. So, instead of waiting for him to print off the ticket, he just handed it to me! Amazing. Increases in efficiency. I wonder why all the guys don’t do that? Strange.

So, one of the things I run into a lot with recording is wind noise, because I’m driving in my car and I’ve got the air blowers on sometimes and they blow across the microphone. So, I’ll be interested to see if it cuts down on that.

Getting real close to releasing the Patreon video and the Patreon page. It’s coming up real soon. Probably by the time this is published (if it’s ever published), it’ll go out. You know, I don’t think I’m ever going to publish this. I think I’m just going to delete it! (Editor’s note: Just goes to show that the future is uncertain, even when we have control over it.) But who knows.

Well this is kind of strange! It’s not really a podcast about anything in particular, I’m just testing something. What would you say when you’re testing something? You can do the “Quick Brown Fox” thing, but that’s for, uh, textual information. What’s the, uh, maybe Lorem Ipsum? No, but Lorem Ipsum is also textual. Is there an audial version of “The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog.”? I don’t know. There probably is. I mean, I’m sure there must be. Some sort of test. I mean, people say “Testing testing 1, 2, 3.” That’s useful I suppose, but I… I just did that. Um… people do… I suppose I could recite something!

Recite some epic poetry?

You’re on!

Away on the plains of White Horse Down… Away on the veils of White Horse Down, an idle child alone played some small game through hours that pass and patiently would pluck the grass and patiently push the stone. Through the lean green edge forever where blank chalk touched the turf, the child played on; Alone; Divine; As a child plays on that last line that sunders sand from surf. For he dwelleth in high divisions! Too simple to understand! Seeing on what morn of mystery the Uncreated rent the sea with roarings from the land. Well, there we go!

Does the wind noise come through? That’s the question of the day. ‘Cause the microphones are placed pretty far apart, I would assume since the headphones are placed pretty far apart… Maybe you only hear it in one ear? Just like me? Now that’s interesting! You might hear all the things that I’m hearing, because I’ve got the headphones on, and they’re even in… are they in the correct orientation? They might be in opposite orientation. (Editor’s note: Yes, they are swapped) That should be fine because if you’re listening to this then you’re probably in America, and you’re probably used to driving on the left side of the car instead of the right side of the car, so the wind noise would be in your left ear, as it will be in this recording because I’ve got my left ear on my right, and I’m driving on the right, and the wind noise is in my right ear.

No… I’m driving on the left. I’m sitting on the right. There we go. I’m driving from the right side of the car on the left side of the road. Which also happens to be the correct side of both of those things… in Japan.

Japaaaaaan. Japeean. Jahpahn. Japhough. Japaugn. Who knows.

Pronunciation is strange. Pronunciation is very strange. What is it about words that makes them unique? There’s something I’ve thought about before! In a word, you’ve got a bunch of different sounds. And some words sound a lot like other words. In fact, some words are identical in sound to other words.

(EDITORS NOTE: Nope, I didn’t transcribe the whole thing. You’re on your own for the rest of this!)

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