Thinking for Fun and Profit

Some like to sweat. Some run for fun. They like to run in the hot hot sun.

I do not like to work this way. If I must run, I’ll run away.

Instead I like to learn and think. I like to think and think and think.

And when I think, my thoughts, they stink! But when they don’t, I use some ink.

I write with ink and, okay, you know what, this poetic form is getting restrictive. Pretty soon the readers will become vindictive.

I’ve occasionally run into people who would rather go to the gym than play a game of chess. Let me tell you, that is one of the ideas that stinks. Walk around those people!

But seriously, I really enjoy thinking. It’s what I do. I think all day at work, and when I get home, I think about other things. I love learning new things, especially things that connect to other things. Ideas are like highschool girlfriends. The more you get in close proximity the more exciting and energetic things become. Ideas are also like odd slightly disturbing analogies, both can be taken the wrong way. Don’t take ideas the wrong way folks.

The problem is, there are lots of people who like to think (just like there are lots of people who like going to the gym (especially around five in the evening. Man, the treadmills fill right up) but you don’t need a gym for your mind (well, the world is kind of a gym for your mind (but then, the world is also a gym for your body too (or, just a normal gym really. Why do people go to the gym at all anyway? (social pressure, convenience, and comfort, etc lots of reasons, once you think about it (so awesome!)) Why not just, lift rocks by the side of the road? (Listen, you’re overthinking this. (but it’s so fun!)) because then they would feel dumb (which they could avoid if they would think more often)) but that’s besides the point) which supports the point I’m about to make, if you would stop interrupting me) so you can practice thinking anywhere) so there’s a lot of competition in the thinking market. Usually, if you want to make money from thinking, you need some sort of skill to go along with it. Drafting, typing, specialized knowledge, that sort of thing. Or just be super good at it, like Stephen Hawking, the Arnold Schwarzenegger of thinking about stuff.

I’ve kind of given up on being good enough at thinking to get paid just to come up with ideas. So I do stuff with my hands as well. Thinking and then using your hands to make what you are thinking real seems to work really well. People will pay for that all day long. Sometimes it pays to be good at several things instead of just one thing. But oh man, if I could just think about stuff all day long? That would be great.

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One Response to Thinking for Fun and Profit

  1. Leah and Charlette says:

    This one is funny! At the start at least. That poem is so funny!
    We like to run more than think, but thinking is fun too.

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