On Competition, Sexual Orientation, and Propaganda

For this article I will assume that:

  1. Evolution and natural selection are the greatest good.
  2. Passing on your genes (and, perhaps, ideas) is the highest goal of life.
  3. An individual’s sexual orientation is free from any actual or imagined causes, moral value, personal value, and ideologies, and rests solely on reason.
Let me be the first to state that these assumptions are a simplified case. However, I find it helpful in composing a reasoned argument, since nearly all participants in such discussions acknowledge that these are (not the only) valid and important factors.

Given premise 1 and 2, we can clearly see that procreation is critical and fundamental. Procreation is the most straightforward method of passing on your genes (and ideas) and, while not necessarily the most inexpensive, is certainly the most widely practiced. The physical sexual drives reinforce this goal, encouraging us to participate in procreative acts.

In view of premise 3, we can easily extrapolate that non-procreative sexual orientations and practices (homosexuality, intentional infertility, masturbation, abortion, bestiality, etc) satiate the natural sexual urges, while thwarting procreation. This is clearly a non-optimal case, since it reduces the drive to fulfill premise 2 in pursuit of premise 1. Thus, from a purely evolutionary standpoint, non-procreative sexual orientation is harmful, and should be rejected on purely intellectual grounds (recalling premise 3, yes there are other factors, no I’m not considering them right now).

However, premise 1 reminds us that we are in competition with others. Not only should we maximize our own reproductive potential, but (to the degree that it does not reduce our future offspring’s viability and mating options) also reduce the reproductive potential of others. As we have seen, non-procreative sexual orientations (homosexuality among them) are non-optimal, but also attractive. The experience feels like procreation, while preventing procreation. It is optimal for an individual, therefore, that the reproductive competition engage in non-procreative practices. Convincing the competition that non-procreative practices are good is tantamount to sterilization, and nearly as effective.

Thus, to put a blunt point on it: Given 1, 2, and 3, your best strategy is to convince other people that homosexuality, pornography, and all other non-procreative sexual practices and orientations are good, normal, healthy, and beneficial, while yourself practicing none of them and focusing your sexual energies on purely procreative activities. This deception of others and blatant hypocritical stance is clearly optimal, since it reduces the gene competition while increasing your own gene’s propagation. So, tell other people that deviant sexuality is good, but don’t believe it yourself.

As a counterpoint, I am transmitting these ideas to you, so I clearly do not follow my own advice. Idea transmission, however, is a kind of mental procreation, allowing our ideas to go on, even if our genes die with us. In this way (if premise 3 is not true) those who are unable or unwilling to practice procreation may still communicate and teach others and continue to compete for generations to come.

As a counterpoint to the counterpoint, the people who are generally most influenced by your ideas are your biological children. Best to transmit both genetics and concepts.

Thank you for your attention. Go forth and fill the earth.

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