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Starship Log: 010

Posted in Starship Log by Ziggy Friday April 8, 2011 at 09:23

Woke up today to a mercilessly scheduled alarm. Duties begin at normal hours, so I had to get up early for my post e-action checkout. Cathy was busy and only gave me a polite nod in passing. Daryl did my checkout. A few pretty bad bruises, but nothing is broken. I needed a couple patches too. On the up side it seems I’ve been having a neural imbalance recently, so that’s fixed too. Feel better than I have since takeoff.

U-deck is coated with coolants. Most of the coolants are volatile, so purging to vac should clean it up pretty well. But the deck spec doesn’t support prolonged purges, and it would mean doing a complete sweep beforehand for loose equipment. In the end we decided to clean up manually with local scrubbers. Looks like I’ll be up to my belly in atomized thrust fluid for the next two days.

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