Starship Log: 008

Briefing came through for the power distribution updates. Supposed to fix a fluke that flight team noticed on systems checkout. Looks like it could work, but blueprints don’t prove anything. If all goes well this will be the last I hear of it.

I screwed up my courage and sat with Cathy at lunch. We talked about the a-tors and possible duty segregation once we reach E-four; Alien atmosphere and all that. She’d like to seg for professional reasons, but would miss her friends in other regions. Found the conversation rather dull actually, should probably look into meal delivery at my quarters.

Oh, the maintenance a-tor sent me a disciplinary warning about attempting un-authorized access to the drive nodes. Must be a flag on some of the locks. I wonder if he has a routine running his disciplinary notifications. I know I would. Too bad, was looking forward to investigating more locks. Perhaps vessel non-critical zones won’t be flagged?

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