Why you can’t make walls yet

I’ve been working on my little programming project, AutoMasonry, for over two years now. The problem with starting a project, is you never know exactly what you’re getting into. For example, I got the initial test version working in just an afternoon. I could make stone walls! It was great!
Initial wall, made after a few hours of coding
Now, I’ve added arches, radial stonework, variable openings, and lots of other features. It seems every new feature takes longer to add than the previous one… probably due mostly to my horrible design architecture. I’m learning though, and I think my code today is probably unrecognisably better than when I first started the project. I’m getting tantalyzingly close to releasing v0.2, which will probably look very similar to the first “real” V 1.0 release. Yay! Only a few more years now…
Near-current version, with odd shaped openings, etc

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