Closing up shop

Well, it’s been fun, but my stint in Seattle as a volunteer 3d artist is coming to a close. I should be back in Camarillo by the 26th. I’ll be trying to finish up some stuff here, get some graphics polished off that would be difficult to do remotely. I’ve learned a lot about how a movie goes together, what counts, and what doesn’t matter. I’ve also discovered that I have a ton left to learn, but that’s life right?

In other news, I’ve decided to try a temporary 30 hour sleep schedule, instead of the traditional 24 hour one. I should be back to normal on Wednesday, but it’s been interesting, so far so good! I went to bed today at 10:00 in the morning, and woke up around 5:00 pm. Tomorrow I’ll be going to bed at about 4:00 pm. If this works, I may try to keep it up on a more regular basis. The extra two hours a day could prove handy. Handy, that is, if I’m not a slobbering zombie by the end of it.

Anna is flying up Wednesday, and we’ll be hanging out for a few days here in Seattle. Then, on Friday, Cailin (her sister) will be arriving and we’ll start driving back south. After a short stop to visit Ben, we’ll be picking up Deborah in Eugene and then all head down to Camarillo. Once again, it’s Paul and three girls on a trip… How does this keep happening?

All my male friends are gainfully employed, that’s how! Speaking of work, Dan took some time off and came up for about five days. He took a number of pictures, I’ll try to get him to post them at some point (he never has). It was great having him up here, and I’m looking forward to being back in Camarillo.

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  1. Dan says:

    It was great fun to visit!

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