More python! I finally sat down and hacked out some code for something I’ve been thinking about for a while. It’s a parametric wall generator! The pictures speak for themselves, except to say that each wall takes about two seconds to generate instead of hours it would take by hand. I’m going to try to do a more ‘rough hewn’ look eventually, but this should work for now. Next step? Windows, achways, doors…

EDIT: Got the windows and doors working, though at this point positioning is manual. The hard part was getting the edges to line up without getting nasty looking stones. Also added “flaw” features, you can see some of the corners are knocked off the blocks in the latest picture. I did a lot of behind-the-scenes code optimization and restructured things to make the functions more useful. Look out for a castle soon?

EDIT: 9-16-07 After more than a week I finally have a presentable piece of code. 695 lines was a bit more than I bargained for initially, but hey great learning experiance. There are a few more pictures up at the earlier link as well. I don’t know when a castle will show up though, I’ve been putting a lot of other things off working on this. I think I’ll take a break on the coding for a while, come back with a fresh perspective. Really great to have it in working condition though, there are a lot of graphical projects which this will (I suspect) aid immensely.

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