God is a “badguy”

Have you noticed that God is often a “badguy”? Hollywood has constructed (or perhaps, derived?) an interesting image of the villain. Let’s see how familiar this sounds.

An extra terrestrial entity, ancient and cunning. He breathes fire. His servants are willing to do anything at his command, including destroy the property, lands, and lives of his detractors. He has vowed to conquer the world at the head of an army of plasma beings, enact draconian rule, and execute anyone who opposes him. He claims that he will blow up the planet rather than surrender control. He already has many agents on earth, who are promised a share in the new world order. He is a misunderstood super-genius who commands a giant spaceship (shaped like a cube) composed of his trans-human followers. He claims to be unstoppable, and laughs at government agents. He practices necromancy. He is bent on revenge. He thinks he is God.

I’m sure you can think of more. To give some credit, many of these are “villainous” qualities only because they should be attributed only to God. Nonetheless, be careful what you believe.

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  1. Leah says:

    I love God.

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