Delay and change of plans

I realize that I have failed to post any new information concerning the adoption. Things have been in flux here. The first hearing resulted in the request being delayed (ostensibly due to unusual emigration wording) until the 10th, on which date the judge was sick and out of town. The hearing was rescheduled to today (which, due to the time change would mean that it has already occurred) but we probably won’t hear from Mom and Dad until they get back in the states, or perhaps England. I am leaving for LAX directly from work today to fly out to Tucson and pick up the girls and fly back tomorrow evening. Mom and Dad should arrive in LAX on Friday. If the hearing went well, they will have Amos and Linda with them. If not, Amos and Linda will come as soon as possible (probably next week) with the orphanage director.

The delay has actually worked out for the better, as Linda was pretty uncomfortable for the first week or so, and the extra time has given her some leeway to get used to Mom and Dad. So I’m not going to ask that you pray for them to be on the flight tomorrow. God knows what he is doing, pray that we get used to it.

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