I don’t trust anyone, and I think that’s a good thing.

The definition of trust seems solid enough. But though the word may be simple and easy to understand, where to place our trust is more difficult to determine.

For a while I was stuggling over what trust meant as a christian. Whom I should trust, and whom should I suspect? Finally a few months ago, I looked up the word “trust” in the Bible. It occurs in 134 verses, so I read them all. The Bible never (with only one exception) encourages trusting anyone or anything except The Lord. The verses are split rather evenly between condemning those who trust in military strength, money, other people, etc. and praising those who trust God. The one exception is Proverbs 31:11, and is apparently a special case. (One could even make the argument that trusting a Godly wife is an extension of trusting God)

So don’t trust anyone (except maybe your wife). Don’t trust me (look up the verses yourself). Don’t trust your parents or your professors or your closest friends. Don’t trust yourself, your possessions, your memories, or your experiences.

Trust God.

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