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Posted in Other by Ziggy Wednesday November 16, 2005 at 13:49

I’m back! Linux is in, and windows is submitting well. I have yet to get my data back from Gallagher, but I’m told it is safe. It’s great to have a clean system again.
For those who care, I’m running a Debian distro with KDE on top.

Edit: Several years later I’m still vacilating between Windows and Linux. XP is still working fine for me, but I’m expecting to migrate (again?) to Linux eventually.


  1. Dual-booting?

    What timing, I just got my dual boot up last night as well. 😀

    Said by Dan 11/17/2005 at about 14:39

  2. I need to get me a laptop so I can have a linux system. 🙂

    Well, that and I just need a laptop… 😉

    Said by Toad 11/17/2005 at about 14:43

  3. Are you using straight Debian Sarge, or SimplyMEPIS, Ubuntu, or some other Debian based distro?

    Linux is lots of fun–remember that. 😉


    Said by Taj 11/18/2005 at about 01:38

  4. Dude, did your compy crash or something? Or was this a reformat-by-choice? Linux is far superior to Windows. If only I had the time/resources/know-how to deal with installing it…

    Said by Siri 11/18/2005 at about 15:14

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