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Posted in Other by Aranoth Wednesday October 20, 2004 at 13:37

As a service to programmers-in-training everywhere, I feel obligated to pass along this useful guide to successfully completing a software project. Learn these guidelines well, they will be a great benefit to you some day.


  1. Holy cow…life would suck if people wrote important programs this way.

    As for commenting code… *glances at toad* 😉

    Said by Samuraid 10/22/2004 at about 17:25

  2. Hey, I comment my code… when I’m forced to…

    Though I did find a case where I wished I had commented my own. When I went to look at my old starship gen program (which I have now last the code to entirely) it took me a few hours to relearn what I did. 😉

    Said by Toad 10/23/2004 at about 08:03

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