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Fun with Numbers!

Posted in Articles by Toad Tuesday June 1, 2004 at 13:39

Originally posted 2/7/2004

So, since I made this decision, obviously, I figure I have something to put on it tonight. First off, props to Anna, my roommates girl and acquaintance of mine, for showing me this website. Now, I’m not necessarily a math nerd, but I understand the basics of it, and if I can understand something well enough to think about it, odds are I find it interesting to at least some degree. This is one of those things, and it got me thinking. People look at number coincidences and make LOTS of assumptions on them. One that got me was the term used to refer to Φ, the “Divine Proportion” or something similar.

Really, people, why would God care about a number? I mean, as cool as irrational numbers are, He’s had and will have an eternity to omnisciently think of all the irrational numbers He wants. I realize that, in today’s day and age, most people don’t ascribe much significance to the number, apart from a lot of freak coincidences, but I think it might be something a little bit more than that. In my opinion, at least, the freak occurrences of Φ, p, e, and other such cool numbers, are proof that God has a sense of humor.

Think about it: what gets to humans more than nearly anything else? Freak coincidences. Our superstitious nature tends us towards the belief that a preponderance of apparent coincidences implies a greater meaning behind them, and we scurry off to discover the basis. While in some cases, there might be one, I think more often than we are wont to think, God is playing mind games with us, because He knows we’ll try to find all the answers on our own, and we never can.

In the Beginning…

Posted in Other by Toad Tuesday June 1, 2004 at 13:38

Originally posted 2/7/2004

So, yeah. I’ve decided that I will start a blog, and a relatively real one. However, you have better things to do than read about my boring life, and I have better things to do than write my complaints on a website, so I will politely spare us all. Every now and then, I have an interesting thought that I think is actually worth repeating: a cool concept, a point of wisdom that I’ve been pontificating, or an inspiration, something like that. Not that I think you will necessarily benefit from any of it, I mostly just hate the way I come up with a profound idea of some kind and promptly lose it entirely. So, without further ado, here is my blog. If any of you have any suggestions how I should reorder things, I’m open to suggestions, because I have the artistic sense of a small dog with rabies. For now, e-mail me, because I don’t have one of them shnifty commenter deals. I’ll post particularly interesting comments in my next installment, or even make a post about them, if I feel like it.

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