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Tree at the ends of the world.

Posted in Articles by Ziggy Wednesday June 2, 2004 at 16:11

I was thinking about the tree of life. It seems to be the only feature other than God that is persistant throughout all of creation, right from the begining to the end. Even more interesting is that the tree of life is large enough to be growing on both sides of the river of life. A river flowed through eden, did the tree of life span it as well? Is it the same river? Although all life was destroyed in the flood, many plants survived (Noah didn’t take plants on board the Ark) which makes you wonder…is it the SAME tree of life as well?


  1. I never thought about the plants surviving. Interesting thought.

    Said by CongoJenny 7/1/2004 at about 21:40

  2. Leah thinks that it is the same tree that survived under water, because God made it.
    Charlette thinks God made a new tree of life.

    Said by Leah and Charlette 8/21/2017 at about 19:07

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